Audio File Size Calculator

I find that it’s often useful to know how much disk space I’m going to need before making a recording, so I built this little utility to quickly do the calculation. It calculates the size of uncompressed, PCM/IEEE FP audio files such as “.WAV”, “.W64” and “.AIFF/.AIF”, according to the recording duration and file settings you choose:

Uncompressed, linear PCM/IEEE FP (e.g. ".WAV", ".W64", ".AIFF/.AIF")

Note that the file size reported by your device may vary slightly from that shown due to file allocation methods, possible differences in the amount of header information and/or the fact that some operating systems calculate hard disk space differently from others (e.g., some calculate it in binary and call 1kB 1024 bytes whilst others – and most hard drive manufacturers – calculate it in decimal and call 1kB 1000 bytes). This calculator uses the latter method (i.e. 1kB = 1000 bytes).

I’ve found this utility pretty useful. If you find it useful too, or have any suggestions for improvement then do let me know via the comment section below.


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